We at The FoxBox aim to create products that all fox owners will appreciate. Our idea for The FoxBox originated with our loving little pet Finn. Since we adopted him we have come to learn just how difficult it is to find toys, snacks, treats, and food that he enjoys and that are good for him. Since we first had the idea to make a monthly box for fox owners we have been keeping a general of all the things that not only Finn enjoys but all of his foxy friends on the internet as well. Since doing this we have learned a lot about what different fox owners feed there foxes and how they raise them to be happy and healthy.

                    With the monthly subscription to The FoxBox we want to offer a verity of snacks, treats, food samples and toys that we have learned foxes enjoy, along with a pamphlet of tips and tricks we have also learned over the time we have been researching on how to help raise foxes. as an added bonus we will are also going to throw an extra treat, snack, or toy into The FoxBox every month with a theme of that given month. For our premium subscribers we will have a little extra in each box as well as a small gift from us to you as the pet owner.

                    We believe that if you make sure your fox is happy and healthy that we should help you distil the same in your life, so out gift you you will rotate around products from smaller business who want to make you a more healthy person. The goal that The FoxBox is trying to achieve is to give fox owners a basis on how to raise there fur babies to be happy and healthy along with opening there eyes to new kinds of treats, snacks, and food that they may not have previously known that there fox would enjoy.

                    We Also aim to donate as much as we can to organisations who help rescue and rehabilitate foxes in need. And one last thing to all of those reading who have a fur baby that isnt a fox, if your pet has roughly the same dietary needs as a fox, then they may also enjoy our products. And on behalf of The FoxBox, we think you for taking the time to read this and we hope you enjoy all we have to offer.