Finn In The Hen House

FinnInTheHenHouse is a line of home made dried meats and fruit that very with the changing seasons. this is a project that is still in the works, but the goal is to work with local hunters and farmers the ensure the cleanest and most healthy snacks for your furry friend, or your self if you enjoy home made jerky. most products will very according to what hunting season it is in the local area and what fruit are also in season. the inspiration for this idea stems from Finn the foxes grandmother! who for Christmas sent him a box of home made jerky she had made her self. when this project is up and running i hope all of you will enjoy the products as much as Finn did. 

           Finn In The Hen House is a project that Finns grandma inspired by sending him home made jerky in the mail for Christmas! After seeing how much he loved it i talked with my parters and his grandma "to get recipies" and we all decided to share the joy Finn experienced by giving all of you and your furry little friends! This prodict is hopping to be coming soon, and the goal is to get products from only local farmers and hunters. The products will NOT just consist of meats but fruit as well! And most everything that will be listed will be seasonal based on fruit in season at the time and the current hunting season. We at TheFoxBox hope you all will enjoy what Finn In The Hen House will have to offer!